Proflyer Gift Voucher - 10 minutes

Included : Album - Vidéo et Photo - Gratuit


Proflyer Gift Voucher: 10 minutes

Looking for the perfect gift for a proflyer? How about a Proflyer Gift Voucher?

  • 10 minutes of flights - coaching included
  • Accompanied by one of our certified instructors, the flyer will be able to define his/her objectives and progress quickly.

    Gift voucher available on presentation of a valid parachutist license or previous experience in the wind tunnel.
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Good to know
  1. You have the possibility to purchase your packs online
  2. You can directly book your flights online or receive your Gift Vouchers, ready to be given as a present.
  3. All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months
  4. Each flight lasts 1 minute
  5. All flights are made during the same session
  6. On the day of your flights, please show up 1 hour before your flight time
  7. The ideal outfit? Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers. We'll take care of the rest
  8. People who have had a dislocated shoulder should not fly, and the maximum weight limit is 120kg.
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Téléphone: +41 27 322 92 92

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