RealFly - Twin Otter Pack

Twin Otter Pack

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Twin Otter Pack 
Offer reserved for people who have previously been initiated to indoor skydiving via one of our offers: Basic, Classic, Discovery, Adventure, or are seeking to obtain their AFF / PAC license.

This pack includes:
★ 30 minutes of flight (coaching included)
★ Enter and exit the flight chamber
★ Right and left turns
★ Forward and backward
★ Stability Control
★ Ascend and descend
★ Flying in tandem with an instructor
★ Flips
★ Introduction to back flights (depending on progress)

RealFly offers: 
★ Changing facilities with individual lockers & showers
★ HD Video - top, side & dynamic 
★ Briefing/debriefing areas & ProFlyer room
★ Debriefing Computers & TVs, Free WiFi 
★ Creepers, Heating facilities and more
★ Smiles and a pleasant atmosphere

Offer is limited to people who have already experienced flying in a simulator or parachutists.
The offer is limited to 1 use per person.

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